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For the Food & Beverage or Pharma industry, the threat of contamination is a possibility each day. To follow stringent safety standards and protect consumer health, manufacturers have complex and automated production lines to run and maintain. Surely this complex setup shall have it’s own set of challenges. Frequent high pressure wash downs maybe needed & keeping the power flowing through at all times is crucial. In a setup with high volumes of cabling, this can be quite a task. So having the right cable protection system can eliminate breakdown times almost completely and comply with safety standards for a highly clean environment. Electri-Flex offers some perfect solutions to make this easy for you. Read about it here. This white paper is courtesy of: Electri-Flex Company and GlobalSpec
As the first I/O technology to communicate with sensors & actuators, IO-Link is to be adopted as an International Open Standard IEC 61131-9. The system offers many advantages as a digital interface for connecting sensors & actuators. Using simple & standardized wiring, it can significantly reduce variety of interfaces, allow central data management for fast configuration, consistent diagnostic information at sensor level, reduced sensor or actuator downtime, integrated device identification and much more. Read about it here or visit the community website on the link (third party) below. These white papers are a courtesy of: https://io-link.com/
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Sensors required for use in ultra clean environments like food or pharma applications, need to follow strict guidelines for safe and hygienic operations. At the same time, these sensors will also be exposed to high pressure wash downs and disinfection processes. A unique design approach allows the pms sensor series by MICROSONIC, to function effectively in such extreme conditions. A stainless steel 316 body with a PTFE coating and a FKM O-ring seal, give this sensor the extremely high corrosion resistance This data is a courtesy of: https://microsonic.de/
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I/O LinkControl for Smart Ultrasonic Sensors
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