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These terms govern every purchase made from our company, for a product manufactured by Avlicon Technologies (“We”) or a third party manufactured OEM product which is distributed/resold by Avlicon Technologies as a authorized distributor. When the buyer issues a purchase order, it shall be considered that these warranty terms have been read, understood and accepted by the buyer, regarding his purchase. Standard warranty, wherever applicable, shall be for a period of 12 months from date of purchase. We reserve the right to offer extended warranty on a special case to case basis. 1] Cable harness and assembly is a customized product built as per the drawings & specifications provided by the user/customer. It shall entirely be the responsibility of the customer to provide accurate information regarding the design and we (“Avlicon Technologies”) shall not be responsible for any issues reported after the production is initiated or completed for the said product. 2] No warranty shall apply to any product that has been subjected to misuse, improper testing/assembly, mishandling, or which has been operated contrary to instructions relating to installation, maintenance or operation, or contrary to relevant industry standards. 3] Any products repaired or serviced by us shall be warranted for the remainder of the warranty period. Any repairing or servicing required outside of warranty period shall attract a service charge based on extent of generated damage. Shipping charges, to & from, if any, shall be borne by the customer. 4] Performance data values specified for each product are for reference only and are meant to provide an insight into the technical capabilities of the product. These are based on design inputs provided by the customer. Actual data on-site may vary for different operational conditions, not specified at the time of designing or prototyping. 5] No warranty is applicable on samples or prototypes. 5] Product colors may appear different depending on type of computer monitors or display devices used. Colors may vary slightly on the actual product. 6] Switch off power supply to the product, wherein applicable, during installation or maintenance. It is extremely important to have the installation done by a licensed or authorized personnel only. 7] Warranty shall be null & void in case the original product has been opened or tampered with in any way. 8] It shall be the responsibility of the buyer to verify the suitability of the product for their application. Any product failure or non-performance due to inadequate and/or incorrect application shall not be covered under warranty. 9] Utmost care shall be taken to package the product suitably for shipping. We use only reputed shipping companies for delivering our products. However we do not take responsibility for any damages that might occur during its transport. Our responsibility ceases the moment we hand over the goods to the shipping company. Any damages during transportation shall not be covered under warranty. Alternatively, the buyer may arrange to pickup the said goods from our warehouse, by his nominated logistics agency or authorized personnel. 10] Warranty only allows for repair or replacement of any defective parts or an exchange for another part. Refunds of payments made shall not be granted. 11] Under no circumstances shall product warranty be extended to any third party. Product warranty applies only to the original product installation or original purchaser and is not transferable. 12] Warranty shall not apply to metallic or non-metallic flexible conduits, conduit connectors and it’s accessories, outside of it’s technical specifications. Any misuse or damage during installation is not covered under warranty. 13] Warranty shall be null & void if product failure is due malfunction of equipment/s or used with component/s from a source other than the original manufacturer/unauthorized sources. 14] Some products may be polarity sensitive. Warranty shall be null & void if failure of the product is caused due to improper or incorrect wiring and if the product is subjected to incorrect voltage/current levels. 15] Warranty shall not apply in case product failure or malfunction is due to incorrect polarity connection (as in LED Lighting). 16] For electrical parts requiring mandatory earth/ground connections, warranty shall not apply if the earth connection is not made in the circuit. 17] For cable glands, warranty shall not be applicable if the threads get damaged due to improper or forceful installation or mismatch within the installation between thread types. In case of explosion proof cable glands, it shall be the sole responsibility the buyer to verify the suitability of the specification with actual hazardous conditions in the field. We shall provide all available data to the best of our knowledge for review by the buyer/end-user. This policy may be subject to timely updates and changes without any prior notice. Any previous versions of this policy shall be deemed to be null and void.
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