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ERKO manufactures heavy duty shear bolt mechanical cable connectors and terminals, compression copper lugs and accessories, for use in low to medium voltage applications. The basic range of copper lugs of insulated & non-insulated terminals are produced in Ring, Fork and Pin type configurations, used for cable sizes up to 6.0 sq.mm. The larger cable size compression terminals are generally produced in non-insulated, ring type versions, with single or dual bolt options, long barrel lengths and bi-metallic constructions. ERKO produces a wide range of manual and battery operated hydraulic crimping tools, for easy, precise & consistent crimping operation. Write in to us to know more about solutions for your crimping needs.
Download a copy of the data sheet here.
Download a copy of the data sheet here.
Download a copy of the data sheet here.
ERKO offers an excellent range of heavy duty shear bolt cable terminals, connectors and accessories for use in low to medium voltage applications. Certified to IEC 61238-1-3:2018 (ed.1.0) standards, they provide high reliability terminations for both aluminum and copper cables operating up to 36kV. The connector body is produced using a special aluminum alloy, which gives it excellent mechanical strength and a dual protective coating offers high resistance to corrosion and atmospheric conditions. The cable is firmly clamped into the terminal connector by high strength tinned brass bolt with shear heads. This ensures a tamper proof installation.
Insulated compression terminals are manufactured in tinned copper versions with a polyamide insulation. Operating temperature range is from -40°C to 125°C. All parts are built as per DIN 46237 standards. Insulation rating with a high fire resistance rating of V0 is available on request. These terminals are used with stranded copper wires. Choose the correct die-sets for a reliable crimp connection.
ERKO produces compression terminals for use with enamelled wires using the innovative SHARK technology. These connections completely eliminate the tedious process of removing enamel coating of copper or aluminum wires, thus saving precious time and costs, while forming a extremely reliable connection. These terminals are suitable for both round and rectangular wire cores. This is a very reliable option for motors and transformer manufacturing. Different configurations are offered based on customer requirements.
Compression terminals require high quality crimping tools to ensure a safe and reliable connections. Consistency can only be achieved with a automatic tool designed for the job. ERKO has Li-Ion battery powered hydraulic crimping tools with different die-sets designed to suit each terminal type. These tools have safety features such as a automatic retraction mode once pressure is achieved and auto-switch off once the crimping cycle is completed. Options are available to store the crimping data and transfer via USB for storage or further use. A LED visual indication is also provided to indicate an error cycle. The tools are supplied with a spare battery set to ensure that you never run out of charge while continuous working on-site. For high power options, separate hydraulic crimping heads have to be connected to external power units.
Download a copy of the data sheet here.
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