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ACCUENERGY Inc is a leading manufacturer of UL listed smart multifunction power meters for use in commercial & industrial facilities. Integrated advanced communication methods and ease of deployment makes power quality analysis and energy metering hassle free. With a wide range of current transformers and plug-in expansion I/O COM modules, power meters allow communication over 15 different industry standard protocols. With cloud data storage capabilities, these meters can be remote monitored from any location worldwide, making them smart in the true sense.
ACUVIM-L Acuvim-L series is a cost-effective power meter for standard metering applications and allow communication over 2 industry standard protocols. ANSI Class 0.5 & IEC Class 0.5s MFM with NEMA 4 rated design 3-Line LCD with back-light with built in power supply In-built Modbus RTU via RS485 port* Panel mount or DIN rail mount meter design with transducer Threshold alarm setting & Time-of-Use (TOU) capability I/O module for Profibus communication
EV300 EV300 series offers the most basic, essential metering parameters in a compact form factor Bi-directional energy metering Field configurable 5A/1A CT input For use in both 50Hz and 60Hz systems In-built RS485 port with Modbus-RTU & Analog 4-20mA transducer output Energy pulse output & switch status monitoring/controlling Over & Under limit alarm triggered relay output
ACUVIM II The Acuvim II series of advanced multi function power & energy meters are very suitable for power monitoring, power quality analysis, kW metering and more. ANSI Class 0.2 & IEC Class 0.2s MFM with cloud metering data storage & analytics Built-in Modbus RTU & BACnet-MS/TP via RS485 port Expandable I/O up to 3 modules. Support for BACnet, SNMP, EtherNet/IP, IPv6, RSTP, HTTPS, sFTP & MQTT COMTRADE Waveform file format* Threshold alarm setting & Time-of-Use (TOU) capability MV90 compatibility Data logging with up to 50ms interval & graphical trend analysis* Support for BACnet, SNMP, EtherNet/IP, IPv6, RSTP, HTTPS, sFTP & MQTT
ACUREV 1300 The 1300 series is a cost effective solution for 3PH AC systems offering up to 4 current input channels, standard DIN rail mounting & Auto Phase check. ANSI Class 0.5 & IEC Class 0.5s CT options: 5A/1A, 333mV, Flexible Rogowski coil and 80/100/200mA 4 Channel current input measurement including Neutral current Residual current measurement Fits all voltage rating systems with direct 10-690VAC voltage input in one model Integrated RS485 port with Modbus RTU & BACnet MS/TP for communications Optional relay output for alarm & remote control
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ACUREV 2000 / ACUREV 2100 These next generation multi-circuit power & energy meters are designed to measure 18 circuits (1PH) or 6 circuits (3PH) using a snap-on CT technology. 18 Channel measurements with over/under limit alarms ANSI Class 0.5 & IEC Class 0.5s revenue grade meters Advanced power quality analysis with in-built WEB2 module for all comm protocols WiFi communication channel with IPv6 and remote meter access* Ethernet ports and secure sFTP/HTTPs cloud server & TLS 1.2 compliance as per industry cyber security standards 4GB/8GB onboard memory for data logging & analysis 18 Digital inputs* for water and gas metering 6 Digital outputs & 2 relay outputs Optional cloud based data storage
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* For select models only ** For special requirements, please write in to us with details of your project specifications.